• Women Love the Tea - Nicole Tolefree

Women Love the Tea

Nicole Tolefree

Women Love The Tea is the tea with honey, a cube of sugar, but without the added sugar the tea can also be bitter and misunderstood. But the truth remains, the tea ain't always meant to be sweet. Tea is meant to vent out experiences and labels that need to be addressed. Women Love the Tea. Often we use the tea to vent out our frustrations, gossip and identify with friends that need to relax to unleash our emotions. Women deal with so many problems and have to hold in how we feel while we are at work, in school, taking care of other people's needs and we can’t always expose our inner most feelings. If you want a bitter woman then strip her emotions, try to take away her strength, and her voice. Those ingredients of the tea take away the sweetness that she needs to show love. If you make her feel as though she can not tell the truth about the situations in her life without adding cents that are not common sense then it devalues her femininity and takes away how a woman needs to speak up for herself. The fact remains that women sometimes need the Tea to accept the truth about love, sex, and the confidence to accept themselves. As you stir the tea remember as a real woman the past may hurt because of who and what took advantage of your identity. I can tell you this much if you sip this tea you will find that a real woman ain't looking for a man’s money, she’s looking for the content of his heart. Just like a chapter in a book, there is no doubt that we like titles and suits and a fresh pair of tennis and a nice pair of loafers. But the Tea is an experience to talk and imagine a man who is willing to be vulnerable while she massages his ego, giving him the strength that God gave us as women to give a man. If he wants a deeper massage with a subtle whisper in his ear...well then a real woman won't touch his manhood unless she knows that the sexual ingredients don’t make the relationship it defines their emotions. The way a woman makes her man feel, should be how a man makes his woman feel. The Tea with Protection is security to keep her from being afraid and wealth is always a plus. A man's wealth is an added compliment to his intelligence. Wealth tells a woman that her man knows how to take care of his responsibilities and when he combines his wealth with hers, that is a sign that he is opening a part of his hard-earned money to respond to her balance. The balance that a woman may need or want is the right man with the qualifications that his woman walks with confidence. So if and when the conversation involves a sip of tea and if he pours his honey into her tea and gives it a slow strong stir of satisfaction, then the tea should be his signature of matrimony. And thats how we know that he understands that her tea is sacred and valuable.

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