• Submission Island 5 -  Sacrifices—Conclusion - Q. Zayne

Submission Island 5 - Sacrifices—Conclusion

Q. Zayne

The conclusion of Submission Island is a special novella-length episode. Marcus shows his heart. Cleo must learn to trust and surrender beyond sexual submission--or risk losing him. Her enemy wants her dead. The island's secrets and the entwined lives of Cleo and Marcus' ancestors entangle them. They must face their greatest wounds and go deeper with each other than ever before. I unfolded the note. My dearest Cleopatra, I am sorry to leave so abruptly. It's unavoidable. If I could have put it off, I would have. Please forgive me. I'll make it up to you upon my return. Thank you for lighting up my heart. Marcus This is the fifth and final episode of Submission Island.

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