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Alix Adams

Alix Adams' Law for Business Students explains the law in a jargon-free, engaging style and explores the law firmly within the context of the business world using real-life examples. The text follows a six-part structure, beginning with an introduction to the study of law for those new to the subject, before outlining each major area of legal concern in business including contracts and sales, tort, employment, corporate organisation (now expanded to include dissolution of companies) and intellectual property. This 10th edition has been updated with over 20 new case references including all relevant key decisions of the European Court of Justice and the UK Supreme Court. Reference to new legislation includes the Equality Act (Gender Pay Gap) Regulations 2017. Catering for a range of learning styles, Law for Business Students clearly outlines the main legal rules and cases. It uses business examples and topical news stories to reinforce understanding and demonstrate the practical application of the law. Key terms are explained in helpful margin notes, and a broad variety of end-of-chapter resources ensures that you understand the issues covered in the chapter and gives you an opportunity to apply your knowledge in questions and activities relating to each topic. The full-colour page design clearly identifies each learning feature to help you get the most out of your study.

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