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Lauren Cox

“Sometimes I felt like I was acting as another me, a better me. I would hate to see the disappointment on the Dreamcatchers’ faces if they ever found out that I wasn’t who they thought I was.” For almost two years, Hayden Daniels has been entertaining millions with the witty videos she posts on her popular WorldView channel, Hayden’s Dreamcatcher. She longs to one day meet the viewers and thank them for their undying support and online friendship. But a severe case of social anxiety has prevented Hayden from fulfilling her wish. In an attempt to conquer her fears, Hayden travels to a viewer convention in San Francisco, where she is faced with raging fangirls, panic attacks, and one beauty guru that seems to have a personal vendetta against her. As she wonders if she is in over her head, Hayden must make a choice: cower in fear, or chase her dream?

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