• Legal English - W.G.W. Meulenberg
  • Legal English - W.G.W. Meulenberg

Legal English

W.G.W. Meulenberg

The "Legal English, A Practical Approach" method is developed to give you extensive legal vocabulary and communication skills in a relatively short period of time. These skills will enable you to focus on the content of your speech rather than the wording, and as such improve confidence when negotiating and dealing with foreign counterparts and clients. The method is aimed at all those who in their work, research or study need to master Legal English terminology and who would like to further develop their communication skills. Extensive legal experience and teaching experience enabled the author to develop the "Legal English, A Practical Approach" method, which has a strong practical focus, uses authentic legal texts and will enhance Legal English skills needed in day-to-day working situations of legal professionals. This Student Manual contains exercises, background information, a grammar overview of common Legal English grammar and an idioms list of more than 200 Legal English related expressions. A Teacher Manual is available upon request for teachers, containing the answer key to the exercises, further background information and useful tips. Please mail docenten@kluwer.nl for a copy. After its first publication in 2010 the manual has already been put to use by several Dutch universities. This third edition represents a continuous improvement of existing exercises, furthermore new exercises were included, as well as an extension of the idioms list. Feedback from both teachers and students inspired these innovations, aiming to provide further Legal English vocabulary and skills needed by the students.

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