• Poshi Series 1 -  I am

Poshi Series 1 - I am Poshi

Merlin Diana

Who is "Poshi?" Poshi is a Cute Genius Girl.She is 5 yrs old.She loves yellow color very much.She has everything in her house full of yellow color. Does this Kid's Book contains full of Illustrations like Poshi series "My Fat Cat" Book? Nope!Absolutely not. Why? Its a technique followed in this book,a Kid can easily imagine by his/her own Visualization Power easily. Which Children's Age Group can read this Book? Children's of Age 3-8. What's the speciality in Poshi's Character that attracts a Kid? She is an Inborn Genius Child.She not only can able to memorise easily all things in just a fraction of second but also She has an Extraordinary IQ Power. What's the concept in the story? "Poshi" and her Parents accidently found a treasure box in their Farm House.It was a letter written on the box by Poshi's Granfather.Her Grandfather was uneducated,so he couldn't open that box.He was died in his young Age. What was the Letter? Its about an interesting .... SORRY,BUY THIS BOOK AND FOUND OUT WHAT WAS WRITTEN IN THAT LETTER,WHETHER THEY COULD OPENED THE TREASURE BOX OR NOT.HOW POSHI'S TALENT HELPED HER PARENTS. Thank you, MERLIN DIANA. Author.

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