• Relationships of Love and Hate - Et Resder

Relationships of Love and Hate

Et Resder

Bring your sense of humor, or what is left of it inside. Artful expressions of anger and hate never had a chance to reach the popularity they might deserve. Boring love poems have their place, but they are usually a waste of time. This collection is meant to put anger and hatred up against the love we could talk about. Humor and excessive dysfunction are herein mixed with some relentless and sappy love poems. Sappy like you could hold them over pancakes, or maybe glue some boards together. The verses of humor and despair are a chance to balance your ordinary disappointment with disasters. A lot of these works can make you realize you are not crazy, or maybe everything that's bad in a relationship could be your fault, and you are crazy. Some of the words and ideas might be like an early warning system. There is no way you could see yourself in all of the works inside, but maybe some of your friends are here. The main subjects can be very individual, but all of us have either lived many pieces of them, or know people that have had, or gone through the same things. I hope this book makes you learn and laugh and maybe remember that one time you cried because of that one thing.

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