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Prince Of Persia, Sands Of Time + Lara Croft


Prince Of Persia, Sands Of Time Amidst the scorched sands of ancient Persia, there is a legend spun in an ancient tongue. It speaks of a time borne by blood and ruled by deceit. It is within this war torn land that a young Prince discovers a magic dagger. Drawn to its dark powers, he is led to unleash a deadly evil upon the reaches of his father's vast kingdom. Aided by the wiles of a seductive princess and the absolute powers of the Sands of Time, the Prince stages a harrowing quest to reclaim the Palace's cursed chambers, and restore peace to the very fabric of Time itself. He must tread these dangers carefully, however. Because in this world, there is only one rule: master the Sands, or be buried. Features: PRINCE OF PERSIA THE SANDS OF TIME(tm) GBA gathers several genres in one great game from Action/Fighting to Puzzle to Platforming. Time Control - The Power of Revival (Rewind during almost 2 sec), The Power of Delay(slow-motion), The Power of Restraint (Freeze enemies in time), The Power of Gathering (rebuild specific objects) Cooperative Mode = 2 Playable Characters The Prince can perform an incredible number moves, Vertical Walling, Rebound Jump, Swing on poles, Hang on/Move on ledge Intense Fight: The Prince has to fight to retrieve the Sands of Time. As the adventure goes on, you will get new abilities = Double Jump, Rebound Jump, Stronger Attack... Lara Croft According to a prophecy, the earth will be in devastation at the beginning of the new millennium. Embark on an adventure where no game has gone before. KEY FEATURES Spectacular Lara meets 3D Animation - Smooth'n slinky Lara flips and twists like an acrobat and leaps to dizzying heights. Dynamic Targeting - Equipped with twin pistols, combat-ready Lara locks & shoots her way through challenging environments against a line-up of ferocious opponents. Improved combat system (exclusive for GBA), featuring dynamic enemy targeting and locking. Realistic graphics: the player will find himself immersed in huge realistic environments with graphics of exceptional quality on this console.

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