• Perceptions and Policy in Transatlantic Relations - Sola, Natividad Fernández

Perceptions and Policy in Transatlantic Relations

Sola, Natividad Fernández

In this book, experts from both sides of the Atlantic, examine the recent tensions between Western Europe and the United States over such issues as transatlantic security, policies towards terrorism and relations with Russia and the former Soviet Union, against the broader background of perceptions and misperceptions in transatlantic relations. Drawing on Professor Robert Jervis' work, Perceptions and Misperceptions in International Politics, this book examines whether Jervis' thesis has a new relevance given the current challenges in transatlantic relations. Some of the issues examined include: perceptions and misperceptions in general focusing on US foreign policy, issues of decision-making and implementation and issues of alliance managementthe capacity of the United States and the European Union to cooperate effectively within the broader transatlantic frameworkstudies focusing on the 'alliance security dilemma' and the transatlantic security communitycase studies of transatlantic relations in the 'war on terror' and relations with Russiathe present and future of the 'western alliance'. Providing a global and multilateral analysis from American and European perspectives and exploring fields of cooperation and competition, Perceptions and Policy in Transatlantic Relations will be of strong interest to students of International Relations, American politics and European politics.

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