• Servant Leadership [25th Anniversary Edition] - Robert K. Greenleaf

Servant Leadership [25th Anniversary Edition]

Robert K. Greenleaf

The Revolution Has Only Just Begun Twenty-five years ago Robert Greenleaf published these prophetic essays on what he coined servant leadership, a practical philosophy that replaces traditional autocratic leadership with a holistic, ethical approach. This highly influential book has been embraced by cutting edge management everywhere. Yet in these days of Enron and what VISA CEO Dee Hock calls our era of massive institutional failure, Greenleaf's seminal work must reach the mainstream now more than ever. Servant Leadership- * helps leaders find their true power and moral authority to lead. * helps those served become healthier, wiser, freer, and more autonomous. * encourages collaboration, trust, listening, and empowerment. * offers long-lasting change, not a temporary fix. * extends beyond business for leaders of all types of groups.

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